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The Psychometrics Centre

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Academic Year 2016/7

BSc Psychology (Part II)
Conceptual and Historical Issues

Social Sciences Research MethodsCourse (SSRMC):

Module 12: Psychometrics 

Test construction exercise

In groups, the class construct their own psychometric tests using methods learned during the module. This is a formative assessment (no marks will be given). Results may be written up as model test manual - that is, something you might show to someone who enquired about whether they could use your test. If you hand it in before 31/1/17 you will be given informal feedback. 

Academic Year 2015/16

Conceptual Issues 2016

Psychometrics: Psychology or Behavioural Science?

SSRMC 2015

Academic Year 2014/15

Concerto courses

catR workshop (David Magis), Computer Adaptive Testing with Concerto, 10th June 2014

IRT and CAT, Hands-on workshop

Psychometrics Skills Workshops

Multivariate Item Response Theory (MIRT) Victor Duran, 7th March 2014

Natural Science Tripos (NST) Part II Psychology March 2014

Researcher Development Initiative

The Psychometrics Centre holds regular Workshops and Summer Schools under its Researcher Development Initiative. Originally an ESRC scheme, it proved so popular that we decided to continue beyond the grant that they gave us in 2008. The slides, handouts and examples from the scheme continue to prove invaluable to those wishing to self-teach in these methods.


Cambridge Social Science Research Methods Psychometrics Module

PSY3 Social Sciences Tripos Module 2013