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The myPersonality Facebook App, created by Dr David Stillwell and Dr Michal Kosinski in 2007, proved to be the most successful online personality testing App ever developed. Within a few months of its launch it had provided millions of surfers with detailed reports on their personality profiles and, at peak, was receiving over 1 million visits per month. 

The Psychometrics Centre relaunched this initiative with additional functionality and a new design in April 2015, under the heading 'Discover My Profile'. The platform currently allows users to take 27 tests (and counting) and builds on the facilities and services originally made available by myPersonality. It also allows affiliated researchers and students to host their own assessments and offer feedback to up to 35,000 daily participants around the world.

Already you can get your IQ score, or your personality profile on the classical 'big five' personality traits, together with an estimate of your MBTI type. All the tests are free to take and you can easily save your progress on multiple sessions simultaneously.