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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

The Innovation Traits Inventory measures 4 psychological dimensions that contribute to innovative behaviour in the workplace. The assessment was originally developed by Prof John Rust and the Psychometrics Centre for use in an executive education programme designed to quantify and enhance innovative leadership skills.

The dimensions measured by the inventory are:

  1. Optimism (transformation <-> consolidation)
  2. Assertiveness (work-orientation <-> self-orientation)
  3. Insubordination (disobedience <-> conformity)
  4. Judiciousness (collaboration <-> independence)

Standardised scores and narrative interpretation is provided for all scales independently, and feedback reports are automatically generated.

The Innovation Traits Inventory is published by the Psychometrics Centre and available for online administration. Currently we only have an English language version. The cost is £20 GBP per administration. A minimum order of 10 tokens applies. Please contact us to place orders and for further information. Our testing system produces automatic feedback reports, showing a standardised score for the individual and textual interpretation of what their score means. 

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