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myPersonality database

myPersonality was a popular Facebook application that allowed users to take real psychometric tests. As well as the data from the tests, around 40% of the respondents agreed to give access to their facebook profile data, and social network data. and Cambridge University Psychometrics Centre have made available some of the information stored in the myPersonality databases to the wider academic community. To read more about the project and contents of the database, please visit:

myPersonality wiki

Currently, the database contains more than 6,000,000 test results together with more than 4,000,000 individual profiles. Respondents come from various age groups, backgrounds and cultures. They have been highly motivated to answer honestly and carefully, as the only gratification they received for their participation was feedback on their results. Their scores are combined with unprecedented amounts of additional information from those who opted in to sharing it with us, including detailed demographic profiles, a record of their behaviour in Facebook environment, their interests, preferences, opinions, etc.

If you are interested in further information or collaboration, please contact .  Importantly, both myPersonality and its audience are open to new measures, so please let us know if you are interested in publishing a measure or online experiment on our platform.

Psychometric measures currently available on myPersonality include: 

  1. IPIP proxy for Costa and McCrae's NEO-PI-R domains,

  2. IPIP proxy for Costa and McCrae's NEO-PI-R facets,

  3. myIQ questionnaire,
  4. Diener's Satisfaction with Life questionnaire,

  5. Snyder’s Self-Monitoring,

  6. Sensational Interests Inventory,

  7. Rust's Work Personality,

  8. Pennebaker Inventory of Limbic Languidness.

  9. and more... (see the myPersonality wiki for more details) 

Facebook constantly changes the way that applications work within the site. Since myPersonality was created 5 years ago, it will no longer be compatible with an upcoming change. We are using this as an opportunity to upgrade the myPersonality engine to use Concerto to provide tests, so that academics can create tests themselves that will work in a new testing website. myPersonality users will be transitioned to this new site over the next few months. We will be inviting academics to create their own high quality tests in Concerto for the new site.