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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

In 2002 the Psychometrics Centre carried out the anglicisation and adaptation of the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI-III) for Pearson Assessment

The WPPSI has long been a standard in early childhood ability assessment, and the latest edition has now been revised to reflect both feedback from users of the WPPSI-R and contemporary advances in the fields of cognitive development, intelligence theory and cognitive neuropsychology.

The UK sample for the WPPSI-IIIUK accurately represents the most current UK population of children aged 2 years 6 months to 7 years 3 months according to the 2001 UK census data.

New WPPSI-III Features and Improvements:

  • Enhancement of the measure of fluid reasoning ability
  • De-emphasis on performance under time constraints
  • Revisions to WPPSI-R subtests as well as the introduction of new subtests
  • Instructions have been significantly simplified and the testing time is shorter
  • Tasks are more engaging and play like and artwork is more attractive
  • Subtests are designed according to the nature of cognitive development.
  • Lower floors and improved ceilings
  • The age range has been lowered to 2:6 and the scale has been divided into two age groups: 2:6-3:11 and 4:0-7:3
  • Excellent reliability and validity data.
  • Examiner instructions and scoring procedures have been simplified to ease administration

Additional clinical group data has been included on learning difficulties, developmental delay, ADHD, intellectual giftedness, autism, expressive language disorder, mixed receptive/expressive language disorder and those at risk of developmental delay

Visit Pearson Assessment for more information on the WPPSI-III

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