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Big Data and People Analytics

Cambridge People Analytics Academy (5-day specialist programme)

In the fast pace of globalised businesses, talent questions are key to strategy -
getting the right person at the right place and time. Leaders need to have the means to quantify talent questions, and this demand (coupled with the growing availability of data) has resulted in many leading organisations creating People Analytics or Talent Analytics departments. Most major consultancies and emerging niche players have also begun offering People Analytics services.

However, there is as yet no industry standard regarding the operations of people analytics functions or the measurement of return that such projects can deliver. Most importantly, a measure of functional and professional maturity is missing - how should such a team be organised, what hard and soft skills do they require, and how does People Analytics interface with other aspects of organisational strategy.

We conducted research in this area over the course of several years in cooperation with top companies, and identified best practices over various industries. In our 5-day Academy, you will lean both practical and strategical skills that will help you create, manage or excel in your People Analytics function.

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Next course: 4-9 November 2018, Cambirdge


Training in Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics (2-day programme)

Big data presents a number of challenges to an organisation, not least how to mine it for information and how to integrate this into existing administrative functions. Sadly, the expertise necessary to carry out these functions is rare and the demand for education and training in data analytics is high.

For businesses that need to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving commercial environment, we run workshops on the essentials of statistical modelling and machine learning that form the basis of contemporary data science. These range from practical and hands-on training, where delegates learn to build their own Big Data tools, to more conceptual programmes on the strategic possibilities and challenges presented by these techniques.

Next Course: Summer 2019

This practical course will teach the fundamentals of data science, statistical and machine learning using the flexible R programming environment.