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Big Data Analytics

Machine Learning using R and Concerto: an introduction for social and behavioural scientists

This practical course will teach the fundamentals of data science, statistical and machine learning using the flexible R programming environment.

Users will learn how to manipulate datasets to gain valuable insights and visualise the data in an easy-to-understand manner. They will also learn how to extract data from the World Wide Web (i.e. Wikipedia, BBC) and a social media website by either scraping or via APIs (Twitter).

Users will be given a broad overview of the commonly used machine learning algorithms and be taught how to employ them in R. They will also be able to train their own text classification model and deploy it on the web as a tool for sentiment analysis.

The course assumes some level of R programming, but no direct experience in machine learning or statistical techniques. For those who are new to R, some additional materials will be given to you prior to the workshop so that you can get familiarise with the R syntax and working environment. There are no obligations to complete the additional materials but it will certainly hasten the learning pace during the workshop.

Those with experience in these domains will still be able to find challenging content and develop their knowledge under the supervision of the experienced University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre staff. 

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Training in Big Data Analytics

Big data presents a number of challenges to an organisation, not least how to mine it for information and how to integrate this into existing administrative functions. Sadly, the expertise necessary to carry out these functions is rare and the demand for education and training in data analytics is high.

For businesses that need to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving commercial environment, we run workshops on the essentials of statistical modelling and machine learning that form the basis of contemporary data science. These range from practical and hands-on training, where delegates learn to build their own Big Data tools, to more conceptual programmes on the strategic possibilities and challenges presented by these techniques.

Our programmes leverage the leading-edge know-how from faculty across the University of Cambridge and are designed for both operational research teams and executives. Please contact us to register your interest for Big Data analytics programmes delivered in Cambridge or on your own premises.