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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

Each year The Psychometrics Centre welcomes a small number of research students from other non-UK universities who wish to undertake a period of one term of full-time research in Cambridge as a Visiting Student, but who do not intend to become candidates for any Cambridge qualification. Visiting Students are entitled to

  • a Cambridge University email address for the limited visiting period;
  • limited access to University computing facilities;
  • use of the Faculty Library and an introduction to the University Library to secure borrowing rights;
  • attend lectures/workshops and seminars as agreed.

It is assumed that student visitors come to Cambridge to pursue their independent research and therefore there is no provision for academic supervision; However, visitors are given every opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues and to participate in seminars. It is also normally possible to attend lectures, seminars or workshops elsewhere in the University with the consent of the teacher. Places will be awarded on a very competitive basis.

The minimum time for a research visit is 12 weeks. This is to ensure there is sufficient time to complete a piece of research in Cambridge and to justify the internal resources required to set up the visit.

A fee for visiting students of £330 per month applies. See here for further information.

An invitation to become a Visiting Student is given on the understanding that the visitor will be entirely self-funded. Applicants from outside the EU must conform to UK immigration policy - please note that it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that compliance with UK immigration/visa requirements is met.

How to apply

We will go through the Judge Business School procedure for visiting research students. This takes at minimum 4 months so you should contact us well in advance of your visit. Please note that we cannot provide an invitation (e.g. for visa or scholarship purposes) until acceptance so you should plan accordingly.

Please send an email to Dr David Stillwell stating:

  • details of your Institution and funding,
  • the purpose of your proposed visit and what you can bring to the Psychometrics Centre in terms of your background and expertise
  • and attaching your CV (resume).

Should your request pass the first stage you will need to supply a written reference briefly recommending your application and confirming your status at your home University.

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