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CitizenMe is a Personal Identity Management service designed to put everyday users of the internet, or citizens, back in control of their digital identity. An intuitive mobile interface allows users to visualise their digital information and decide what they are prepared to share and with whom, socially, altruistically or for profit.

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The service uses the Apply Magic Sauce API to present its users with feedback on their psychological profile based on the digital footprints they submit through the application. The follow-up to this consultancy project resulted in a successful collaborative application by CitizenMe and the Centre to the Technology Strategy Board to expand the predictive capabilities of the service and further enhance the value of digital interactions.

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CitizenMe additionally offers brands, retailers and market researchers more precisely targeted, ethically sourced, user information than is currently available, at substantially lower fees than those incurred by having to trawl the plethora of sources of online information.