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RANRA, published as ANRA in the US, assesses the extent to which a candidate can recognize, understand, generalise and apply the logical operations inherent in their mathematical training. It is a companion test to the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal. Today, this test is in widespread use as a higher-level assessment tool for verbal ability that additionally assesses the extent of the respondent's ability to access and utilise the rationality inherent in language.

RANRA applies the Watson-Glaser model to the mathematical domain. It aims to assess the extent to which the respondent can recognize, understand, generalise and apply the logical operations inherent in their mathematical training. Throughout the world, the mathematics curriculum incorporates the same fundamental mathematical concepts (knowledge of symbols, numbers, and fractions), operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, mental computation) and applications (numerical problems employing variables such as distance, money and time). While all taught in schools, many of these skills are allowed to atrophy in adulthood. RANRA assesses the extent to which the respondent has retained and/or extended their utilization of the mathematical fundamentals during their working life.

Many of the items in RANRA expect a basic knowledge of mathematics up to GCSE level. But almost all additionally require life-long experience in utilizing this knowledge, either in business or professional settings or in day-to-day problem-solving. The items are most easily solved through mental arithmetic rather than rote calculation so that those who have internalized their mathematical knowledge are at an advantage. The intuitive recognition of equivalence or of sufficiency of information is a cognitive skill that is only likely to be present in those who not only have the knowledge and ability but also have regularly applied it. These, taken together, are the best predictors of future performance and skill acquisition in the use of mathematics for problem-solving.

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RANRA in the UK is available from and TalentLens

In The US, RANRA is published as ANRA, available from Pearson Assessment


Rust, J. (2002) The Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal (RANRA). Pearson Assessment, London,

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