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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

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The Psychometrics Centre: Who we are

Our team is comprised of academic staff, software engineers, professional psychometricians and postgraduate students. Between us, our expertise covers a broad range of fields ranging from psychology, philosophy, medicine and education to computer science, mathematics, and statistics. We all share a passion for psychological assessment and cutting-edge research into online behaviour.  As well as our in-house talent we have, through our function as a Strategic Research Network, some Associates from other Schools and Departments of the University and also an extensive network of Distinguished Associates and Alumni.

You can browse through Our People using the following categories:

Members (John Rust, David Stillwell, Luning Sun, Vess Popov, Anna Stakhova, Chris Gibbons, Bartosz Kielczewski, Peter Romero, Paul McKeown, Przemek Lis,  Yin Wah Fiona Chan, Aiden Loe, Tomoya Okobo)

Associates (Igor Gomes Menezes, Sandra Matz, Xingjie Wei, Xiaofei Qi, Youyou Wu,  Michal Kosinski, Koen De Couck, Napoleon Katsos, Henry Tai, Richard Mills, Annalyn Ng, Pushmeet Kohli, Kalifa Damani, Ian Florance, Thore Graepel, Kai Ruggeri)

Distinguished Associates (Jim Flynn, Bob Sternberg, Nick Mackintosh)

Alumni (Kate  Xu, Iva Cek, Vaishali Mahalingam, Vignesh R Prasad, Arielle Bonneville-Roussy, Jon Heron, Ulrich Reininghaus, Jan Stochl, Alex Bacopoulos-Viau, Ivanka Bloom, Sabah Merchant, Terri Chan, Sabine Spindler, Ning Wang, Zhonghua Liu, Anna Doebler, Tanvi Chaturvedi, Anji Wilson, Shining Li, Emily Savage-McGlynn, Sinead Rooney, Ralf Herbrich, Myles-Jay Linton, Maria Rafalak, Annalyn Ng, Lauri Koobas, Jana Scharfen, Victor Duran, Ana Cristina Passos Gomes, Josip Sabic, Arman Idani, Esther Beierl)