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Giotto is an integrity test designed specifically for use in work situations. It is based on the psychological theory of Prudentius.

Key Benefits

Giotto is particularly suited for use in pre-interview, indicating particular aspects of a candidate's work-based behaviour and attitudes which may benefit from further probing during the selection process. Giotto recognizes the potential difficulties inherent in the accurate measurement of integrity and is therefore presented as an ipsative questionnaire. This helps to avoid the contaminating effects of a candidate lying or faking.

Giotto also makes use of state-of-the-art neural network techniques to unravel the complex nature of personal integrity, as it relates to the workplace. Taken together, these factors help to provide a more accurate and reliable measure of a candidate's strengths and weaknesses, across a total of 7 dimensions.

High scores on the Giotto dimensions may provide protection against:

  • Carelessness, accident proneness and mindlessness
  • Lack of commitment, absenteeism and tardiness
  • Proneness to violence, hostility and intimidation
  • Disciplinary problems, subversion and intolerance
  • Disrespect for senior managers, overbearing behaviour and arrogance
  • Theft of company property, wasteful use of resources and failure to share
  • Inability to cope with change, lack of self-confidence and anxiety.

Scores on these 7 dimensions can be matched to the requirements of a particular job. Although all 7 dimensions have general applicability, each post will have particular requirements that identify certain patterns of scores as being salient to effective job performance.

Giotto Publications

Rust, J. (1999) The Validity of the Giotto Integrity Test, Personality and Individual Differences 27(4), 755-768.

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Giotto is available from, or from TalentLens, the HR subsidiary of Pearson Assessment 

Training in Giotto use

The Psychometrics Centre provides  a five-day course leading to the British psychological Society's Certificate of Competence in Occupational Testing (Level B). Click here for details.

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