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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

Develop the world's most innovative and impactful assessment tools to deliver unparalleled user experiences, advance the science of psychological and behavioural measurement and nurture the next generation of psychometricians.


  1. To develop psychometrics as a cross-discipline academic field linking assessment in psychology, education, business, medicine, linguistics and law.
  2. To harness the power of methodologies from the social and computational sciences in understanding and predicting human behaviour in offline and online environments.
  3. To carry out and publish scientific research and provide training and mentorship in issues of psychometrics for the academic community worldwide. 
  4. To collaborate with business, industry, professional organisations and the public sector in providing consultancy, training and impactful implementations of psychometric technologies, with a focus on the occupational, educational and clinical sectors.
  5. To positively address issues of privacy, ethics and diversity in our field in order to protect human rights and advance the cause of fairness and equality in society.
  6. To supply, maintain and promote software, apps, APIs and other resources that advance developments in our field in both academia and business.
  7. To establish the University of Cambridge as an international centre of excellence in all forms of psychometric assessment while building relationships with other institutions and disciplines whose diverse expertise can contribute to our understanding of individual differences.

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