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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

Researcher Development Initiative in Quantitative Methods

These workshops are designed to address the needs of research staff and postgraduate students who operate at the cutting-edge of methodology in Latent Variable Analysis and Structural Equation Modelling. Most of our workshops use Mplus or the open-source statistical language R. We have a variety of courses, ranging from those for absolute beginners with no or little prior knowledge of either language, to more advanced courses addressing particular analytic methods. These may include: 

  • General Structural Equation Modelling (including mediation and moderation)
  • Exploratory, Confirmatory and Multiple Group Factor Analysis,
  • Latent Growth Curve Models and Latent Growth Class Analysis/Mixture Models 
  • Measurement Equivalence and Differential Item Functioning (DIF),
  • MIMIC models
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis
  • Multivariate Item Response Theory (MIRT)

Workshops include a range of tutorials and practical sessions. Participants should bring their laptop computers with them, preferably with either Mplus or R installed as appropriate.  

What our delegates say:

  • "The workshop was very comprehensive in the material it covered, and the tutors were very warm and approachable." (SEMinR, January, 2018)
  • "Well structured, teachers went through things slowly and clearly. Lots of practice." (SEMinR, January 2018
  • "Practical aspect which is very helpful for a person without prior knowledge of SEM." (Mplus, December 2017)
  • "Well-designed learning agenda & process. Excellent tutors." (Mplus, December 2017)
  • "The tutors encouraged participation and responded to the questions to the level of participants." (Mplus, December 2017)
  • "Pace, competency of tutors, understandable explanations, good practical exercises"(Mplus, July 2017)
  • "I like the practices & real world examples" (Mplus, July 2017)
  • "Great course. Made it simple to understand" (Mplus, July 2017)
  • "Many thanks, it was extremely useful & nice here" (Mplus, July 2017)
  • "The introduction to R was very useful for me, Aiden and Chris were good teachers and very helpful"
  • "I liked the The 'spirit' of the workshop which was intense, motivation and very hands-on - thank you so much for a brilliant course!"
  • "A really great atmosphere and great teaching that fostered a collaborative learning environment"
  • "This course was well paced, informative and I think everybody enjoyed it and got a lot of out of it. This is rare in either stats or software courses so amazing to get it right on both counts" (University Lecturer, London)
  • "All the things that I have learned will, surely, improve my skills as a researcher."
  • "A visit to a wonderful city and an exciting University, as well as so many interesting fellow students and researchers." 
  • "Thank you for your kindness, your interest and (speaking as a developmental psychologist!), your true availability, sensitivity and responsiveness to every question asked or any request for help."
  • "I am very excited about applying the techniques you've showed me to my own data!" (Researcher, Portugal)
  • "I really enjoyed the course. The tutors were both excellent at presenting very technical information and I thought the course was very well organised to address the range of knowledge across the participants and make sure everyone benefited the same." (Researcher, London)

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