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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School
               Research projects
Invesco Data analytics in the asset management services. An Invesco funded collaboration (2019-29)
The International Cognitive Ability Resource (ICAR) An ESRC ORA Plus (3rd round) funded project (2014-17)
Crowdsourcing better companies: The Wikirate Project. EC FP7 ICT Programme (2013-17)
Eton College: Development of a test to assess aptitude and achievement regardless of background (2014-17)
Monitoring the language that people use online to gain psychological insights into their behaviour (2015-17)
The ESRC Researcher Development Initiative in Psychometrics (2009-12)
Development of parallel versions of the Ravens Advanced Progressive Matrices (2013-14)
Scholarships from The Gates Foundation have helped fund our PhD programme (2011-14)
Development of Test Drive, software that enables fast and inexpensive competency assessment (2012-15)
Pearson Educational: UK standardisation of the KeyMaths3 Diagnostic Assessment (2013)
Further validation and development of the Thomas Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) (2013)
Breaking the cycle of poverty and disease in rural Africa by educating girls (2013)
Pearson Clinical: The validation of the Automated Working Memory Assessment (2014)
UK standardisation of the British Ability Scales, 3rd Revision (2009-13)
Speechlink Multimedia Ltd: Development of screening test for SLD children (2011-13)
Memorandum of Understanding with MIMOS Malaysia (2012-13)
Development, adaptation and standardisation of many tests for Pearson Assessment (1989-2007)
See the variety of tests we have developed for Talent Len (1996-2008)
The UK standardisation of the NEO PIR and BIP questionnaires (2002-05)
BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory (EqI) standardisation in the UK (2004)
Translation and adaptation of the D5D and TD12 for the English-speaking world (2007-08)
Defence Evaluation and Research Authority (DERA, now QinetiQ) evaluation of BARB

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