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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

Our multi-disciplinary research and development team delivers projects at the cutting-edge of online assessment 

  • Apply Magic Sauce: a PredictionAPI engine that can predict personality, intelligence and other traits from a person's digital footprint on the internet.
  • Discover My Profile: A testing platform that administers psychometric tests, building on the facilities and services originally made available by myPersonality.
  • The International Cognitive Ability Resource (ICAR). If you need cognitive items to be created 'on the fly' we are working on it. Our aim is to make these open-source. Watch this space. 
  • FaceIQ. How good are you at recognizing faces, or at telling two people apart?
  • Wikirate. Creating open intelligence on worldwide corporate sustainability practices to encourage sustainable. EU FP7-funded
  • myPersonality. The world's largest social science research database, combining psychometric test scores and social media behaviour

Our expertise in developing and deploying these cutting-edge applications has established the Centre as a leader in the collection and analysis of large datasets. 

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