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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

The Psychometrics Centre helps Glickon develop a system that turns candidates into players. Founded in March 2014, Glickon is an online skills testing platform that aims at scoring and validating candidates’ skills using tests and adaptive algorithms, decreasing time-to-hire and cost, and increasing hiring accuracy.

On the one hand, candidates take part in fun and addictive challenges about their skills and hobbies; on the other hand, recruiters are provided with a shortlists of candidates in support of their pre-screening activity. Candidates are ranked according to specific skillsets or job openings.

Thanks to its adaptive machine learning algorithms Glickon can quantify any hard or soft skills in as few as 15 questions (5 minutes). Moreover, Glickon focuses its attention on candidates’ ability to learn (Learning Agility) that is considered one of the most relevant indicators to predict success on the job.

Glickon aims at revolutionizing the candidates’ experience and the recruitment industry as a whole making gamification and mobile recruiting easily accessible to all recruiters.

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