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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

We worked with the Centre for High Performance Development (CHPD) on a research programme aimed at improving the psychometric properties of their assessment instrument for High Performance Behaviours. These behaviours are seen as crucial for the development of strong leadership in an organisation and to drive through change.

High Performance Behaviours are an essential element for successful team functioning and for the development of the leaders of tomorrow. However their assessment has always provided a challenge. Creative potential and the ability to innovate, for example, are always particularly difficult to pin down as the necessary human characteristics, apart from the self-evident, are very dependent on the market situation and on the culture of the organisation in which prospective leaders find themselves.

By carefully examining the assessment protocol in terms of the four psychometric principles of reliability, validity, standardisation and equivalence, we were able to identify many aspects of the assessment that were open to improvement and suggest ways in which this might be done.

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