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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

The Bayley Scales in the UK

The Psychometrics Centre at Cambridge University worked with Pearson Assessment to establish the validity of  the norms used in the UK for for the Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development, Third Edition (Pearson Assessment). The Bayley examines all the facets of a young child's development. It is meant for children within the age range of 1 to 42 months.

The Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development (Bayley-III) are recognised internationally as one of the most comprehensive tools to assess children from as young as one month old. With Bayley-III, it is possible to obtain detailed information even from non-verbal children as to their functioning. Children are assessed in the five key developmental domains of cognition, language, social-emotional, motor and adaptive behaviour.

Bailey-III provides assessment of

  • Cognitive development
  • Receptive Communication
  • Expressive Communication
  • Fine Motor development
  • Gross Motor development
  • Socio-emotional development
  • Communication
  • Community Use
  • Functional Pre-Academics
  • Home Living
  • Health and Safety
  • Leisure
  • Self-Care
  • Self-Direction
  • Social development
  • Motor development

Visit Pearson Assessment for more information on the Bayley Scales

As well helping Pearson Assessment with test development, The Psychometrics Centre also provides courses leading to academic qualifications for psychometricians, carries out research, provides consultancy, and runs training courses for the BPS Certificates of Competence in Testing (both Level A and Level B) for appropriately qualified professionals.

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