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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

The Psychometrics Centre thrives on research and development activities that involve commercial or governmental partners. Here are some of our projects.


2019-21 Current collaborative projects
Online adaptive testing of literacy, numeracy, chemistry and critical thinking in Concerto platform
SERI Computer-adaptive assessment of eye health conditions to improve clinical care
Evaluating psychometric properties of speech and language assessment tools
Bangor University Developing multimedia-type phoneme awareness tests with Concerto
Nationwide adaptive testing in literacy, numeracy and digital skills with Concerto
MD Anderson Integrating PROMs, CAT and machine-learning with clinical care and surgical decision-making
Reformulary Group Computer-adaptive quality of life assessment and development of a bespoke productivity assessment
Increasing actionability of PROMs data with mood reporting, CAT and machine-learning
AU Client Adaptive assessment at scale for the Australian graduate recruitment market
EU Client Online multi-trait assessment for recruitment and development of airline pilots
US Client Online test development and automated IRT-based scoring of data from clinical trials


               Previous collaborative projects
DATA-X Browser plug-in with predictive models educating users about their social media data
Muhua Shangce Novel measurements of innovation and creativity for high school students in China
Mobile-native computer-adaptive assessment of wellbeing with Concerto
Delta Suite Development of individual measures for gut health and gut-related conditions
PeopleLikeMe Big Data approaches to the measurement of interpersonal trust in peer-to-peer environments
Opet Pte Mobile-native personality assessment and machine interpretation of text
Personalised recruitment portal for SAP, using instant psychological prediction from Facebook
Psychological marketing campaigns and applied research into language tailoring and text analytics
Exploring ethical and organisational implications of big data's impact on consumer behaviour and trust
Enhancing Digital Interactions with CitizenMe's Personal Identity Management Service
Personalisation of a mobile application that gives users psychometric feedback
Collaboration on projects that apply machine intelligence to crowdsourcing
Development of online GMAT-type adaptive tests
Development of RoSA for Board of Studies Teaching & Educational Standards, New South Wales
Quarterly Global Facebook Advertising Reports
Development of the Orpheus TPQ Team Building Questionnaire
Launch of the UK's first Performance Assessment Network testing centre in London
Situational Judgement Test for the Department of Work and Pensions
Development of questionnaire for use in clinical trials
Survey of work/life balance for Police Inspectors in England and Wales
A large-scale user of the Orpheus work-based personality questionnaire
Development of questionnaire for clinical trials for the US Federal Drugs Administration
Development of assessment centre for graduate recruitment
Development of instrument to assess attitudes to risk
CHPD (acquired by Kenexa). Development of work-based competency assessment
The Cabinet Office Evaluation of the OSPRE system for police recruitment
       BPMF British Postgraduate Medical Federation. Instrument for choosing specialties
National Westminster Bank, Expert system for the hiring of branch managers
Psychometric test evaluationa and integration with online platforms
Bespoke Tests Developed for many organisations and businesses

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