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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

Studying at Cambridge


Showcase of collaborative projects with business and government

The Psychometrics Centre thrives on research and development activities that involve commercial or governmental partners. Here are some of our projects.

     2015-16              Current collaborative projects
Chemistry Recruitment Personalised recruitment portal for SAP, using instant psychological prediction from Facebook
Grayling100 Psychological marketing campaigns and applied research into language tailoring and text analytics
Edelman100.jpg Exploring ethical and organisational implications of big data's impact on consumer behaviour and trust
CitizenMe100 New predictive models for Apply Magic Sauce and integration of API with CitizenMe's Personal Identity Management Service
Glickon101 Integration of Apply Magic Sauce with a mobile application that gives users psychometric feedback
Microsoft Laboratory Cambridge Collaboration on projects that apply machine intelligence to crowdsourcing
Development of online GMAT-type adaptive tests

Development of RoSA for Board of Studies Teaching & Educational Standards, New South Wales

             Previous collaborative projects
TBG Digital Quarterly Global Facebook Advertising Reports
Design of online data collection platform for use in global study into human sexual behaviour Development of the Orpheus TPQ Team Building Questionnaire
Performance Assessment Network Launch of the UK's first Performance Assessment Network testing centre in London
Department of Work and Pensions Situational Judgement Test for the Department of Work and Pensions
SSL International Development of questionnaire for use in clinical trials
Police Federation of England and Wales Survey of work/life balance for Police Inspectors in England and Wales
Chemistry Recruitment A large-scale user of the Orpheus work-based personality questionnaire
Procter and Gamble Pharmaceuticals Development of questionnaire for clinical trials for the US Federal Drugs Administration
London Borough of Barnet Development of assessment centre for graduate recruitment
Distribution Technology Development of instrument to assess attitudes to risk
Centre for High Performance Development CHPD (acquired by Kenexa). Development of work-based competency assessment
The Cabinet Office, Downing Street The Cabinet Office Evaluation of the OSPRE system for police recruitment


British Postgraduate Medical Federation. Instrument for choosing specialties
National Westminster Bank National Westminster Bank, Expert system for the hiring of branch managers
VistalDNA103.jpg Integration of Apply Magic Sauce API with online platforms, personality quizzes and online marketing
Bespoke Tests Developed for many organisations and businesses