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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

From rights to insights: new AMS features promote data portability

30 January 2019 updated to enable psychological predictions from user-submitted .zip folders containing social media data. No log in required.

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Centre wins prestigious design and data visualisation awards

26 May 2017

Predictive World was an interactive data visualisation, developed by the Centre for Ubisoft in November 2016. It was built to promote the launch of the Watchdogs 2 video game, in which an innocent protagonist is arrested for a crime he is predicted to commit, by CTOS, a smart city enforcement system. Working with design...

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Psychometrics Centre moves to Cambridge Judge Business School

5 April 2016

In March 2016 The Psychometrics Centre completed its move into the Cambridge Judge Business School. The discussion had been going on behind the scenes for over a year, inspired by the changes in psychological and educational assessment practices brought about by the migration of human assessment to the online environment...

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Cambridge tops the league (again) for online impact

28 January 2016

Altmetrics, the world’s leading provider of online impact information, have now published their list of the 100 most popular scientific research articles of 2015 . This follows on from our success in 2013 when two of our articles achieved the top 100 position ( click here to see ). So – many congratulations to Youyou...

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International Conference on Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)

27 January 2016

In September 2015 The Psychometrics Centre at the University of Cambridge hosted the 5th Biennial Conference of the International Society for Computer Adaptive Testing. This was the first time a University has hosted the conference, and so it was a particular honour for us to have been chosen. The Psychometrics Centre’s...

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Winner of the DataIQ New Talent Award for 2014

24 June 2014

The DataIQ New Talent Award was awarded to Sandra Matz , Junior Psychometrician and First Year PhD student in the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre. Sandra's colleague, Vess Popov , the Centre's Development Strategist, was also a short-listed nominee for the Marketing Technologist category. The award marks a...

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Cambridge tops the UK league in on-line impact

14 December 2013

In December 2013, the world’s leading provider of online impact information published a list of the 100 most popular scientific research articles of 2013 . Thirty nine different journals published papers that made it to the top 100, as did 201 universities worldwide. The most successful university was Harvard, with 12...

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Words we use on the internet show our age, gender and personality

17 October 2013

The myPersonality dataset of over 6,000,000 personality profiles and associated anonimized Facebook data, collected by David Stillwell of The Psychometrics Centre, continues to be a superlative resource for researchers all over the world. In a paper published in October 2013, colleagues both here and in the University of...

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Is our music taste about our age - or about our generation?

16 October 2013

A study carried out by Arielle Bonneville-Roussy and Dr Jason Rentfrow in The Psychometrics Centre examined the question of how our engagement with music changes over the decades. Data from two large cross-sectional studies involving more than a quarter of a million individuals from the database were used...

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The Story of What Was Hidden In Our Genes. A Lecture by James Flynn

23 September 2013

In Cambridge on Thursday 5th September 2013, Professor James Flynn reminded a packed lecture theatre that mass intelligence has been dramatically increasing since the 1930s. The societal influences to which he attributes this phenomenon, which has come to be known as ‘the Flynn effect’, include better and broader education...

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