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The Psychometrics Centre

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The 2021 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Education, "AI+Education: Together for Shared Prosperity", was held in Beijing on December 16-18 2021.

The conference, jointly organised by Beijing Normal University, The National Center for Educational Technology, China, China Education Association for International Exchange and iFlytek, was the fifth consecutive annual gathering of scholars, practitioners and policy makers in education, psychology, neuroscience and computer science. 

The event took a blended approach comprising one main session and 17 parallel tracks over the three days. The topics covered the state of the art in brain development research, educational evaluation, mental health assessment, AI in regional governance, AI in language education, AI in innovative education, etc. 

The Psychometrics Centre, as a long-term collaborator with Beijing Normal University, co-organised one of the forums. Additionally, Academic Director Prof David Stillwell presented his research on personality prediction from automated video interviews. The Concerto testing platform was also featured in one of the invited talks by Dr Jan Stochl, who discussed the benefits of computerised adaptive testing in mental health screening in schools. 

The conference was streamed online and viewed over 28 million times. The success of the conference was covered by major press in China (e.g.,

For those interested in more details of the conference, please visit the website Specifically, information about the talks delivered in English can be found below:

Presenter Institute Talk Title
00:44:00 Shahbaz KHAN UNESCO N/A
03:17:35 Andreas Schleicher OECD Beyond Academic Learning: First Results from the OECD Survey of Social and Emotional Skills
02:10:20 Kit-Tai Hau Chinese University of Hong Kong Large Scale International Educational Monitoring Assessment: Uses, Limitations and Counter-Intuitive Findings
02:41:55 Kwok Cheung CHEUNG University of Macao Education Monitoring and Practice in the Context of Evaluation Reform: The Macao-PISA Experience
03:12:17 Manos Antoninis UNESCO Monitoring SDG 4: progress and challenges
00:48:02 Barbara Lockee Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), USA Innovative Approaches to Conducting Faculty Performance Evaluation
02:35:43 Ying Cui University of Alberta, Canada Data Literacy: An Essential Skill for the 21st Century
03:01:40 Mingyu Feng WestEd, USA Supporting Scientific Learning and Teaching with Educational Technology
02:15:33 George K. Georgiou University of Alberta, Canada Dream big: Translating Reading Research into Practice for Schools in Canada
01:55:50 Yue Gao University of Surrey, UK Connected Learning Connected Intelligence with 5G and 6G for Smart Education
02:09:37 Tore Hoel Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway AI Governance & Ethics for the Educational Domain
01:52:25 Barry O' Sullivan British Council, UK Peering into the Black Box: A New Way to Explore the Appropriate Use of AI Technology in Language Assessment
Trevor Breakspear
William Bayliss
00:01:23 Dragan Gasevic Monash University, Australia Embracing AI in learning analytics–Opportunities and challenges
00:27:16 George Siemens University of Texas, Arlington, USA Human and Machine Teaming
00:48:12 Xiangen Hu The University of Memphis, USA Self-Improving Adaptive Instructional Systems: A Proposed Framework
01:18:00 Ryan Baker University of Pennsylvania, USA Algorithmic Bias in Education
01:46:30 Maren Scheffel Ruhr University Bochum, Germany Designing for and with Learning Analytic
01:33:40 Jan Stochl University of Cambridge Mental health screening in schools: benefits of computerized adaptive testing
00:02:05 Todd Lubart Université de Paris, France Social Robots and Creativity: The role of AI in 21st century education
00:25:45 Bernard Veldkamp University of Twente, Netherlands Edutech for Educational Measurement
00:55:21 Heinz Holling University of Muenster, Germany Meta-analysis in Education
01:23:44 Alberto Maydeu-Olivares University of South Carolina, USA An Introduction to Forced Choice Measurement
01:59:31 David Stillwell University of Cambridge Personality Predictions from Automated Video Interviews
02:31:24 Guodong Guo West Virginia University, USA Artificial Intelligence based on Visual Analytics
02:57:10 Zheng Yuan University of Cambridge Natural Language Processing for Personalised Education
00:04:50 Cynthia Breazeal Massachusetts Institute of Technology Preparing the Creative, Empathetic and Ethical AI Designers of Tomorrow
00:35:16 David Touretzky Carnegie Mellon University Show Don't Tell: Designing Effective AI Demos for K-12 Students
01:05:19 Todd Neller Gettysburg College, USA Resources and Recommendations for K-12 AI Education
01:35:21 Chee Wei Tan City University of Hong Kong Teaching AI Education by AI Chatbot Programming
Note: No English Talk in Sub-2, Sub-3, Sub-9, Sub-10, Sub-11, Sub-12, Sub-15


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