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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

Joe Watson joined the Centre as a Psychometrician in January 2021. He holds a PhD in Education from the University of Cambridge, an MPhil in Environment, Society and Development (also from Cambridge) and an LLB honours degree from the University of Keele.

Joe's PhD research examined the relationship between mathematics ability and educational television viewing in developing countries. He has since expanded his application of quantitative research techniques to many areas of academia and business. Joe is passionate about the implementation and impact of academic research and has led several data science and legal consultancy projects for public and private sector organisations.

Using data mining, natural language processing and other techniques, Joe has captured Twitter data to support research on the morality of people who reach powerful positions, built tools to scrape and classify legal judgments and designed data visualisations to inform educational decision-making. He combines a strong interest in quantitative research methods with a multidisciplinary perspective on psychometrics, incorporating theories and techniques from education, law and other related fields.

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