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Dr Ahmed Izzidien is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate. His area of research is in artificial intelligence - machine learning for social values. He is also a Research Associate at Hughes Hall.

He is the recipient of a Horizon 2020 - NGI Trust Award, an EPSRC & CASE Award (PhD) and EPSRC Award (MSc). He has held posts at Harvard University (Social Cognition Lab, Department of Psychology), the University of Cambridge (Social Decision-Making lab, Department of Psychology, and the Cambridge Forum for Legal and Political Philosophy, Faculty of Law).

He graduated with a BEng(Hons) from King's College (University of London), an MSc from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, an MA in legal philosophy co-supervised at UCLA, a Master of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge (a collaboration between the Dept. of Clinical Neurosciences and Faculty of Divinity) and a PhD from Cardiff University.

His interests include using AI for policy and legal reasoning using NLP, social de-polarisation and legal philosophy (legal rights & duties:

assignment using machine learning).

His current research is in:

  • A psychometric method for the detection of social power relations through ontological associations.
  • Machine learning with the perception of human social values (e.g., fairness).

He enjoys writing science fiction, comedy and playing chess.

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