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Shining Li


Li Si Yao  (李思瑶) (Shining) was a Psychometrician within The Psychometrics Centre at The University of Cambridge, representing the Centre's activities in the Peoples Republic of China. She.graduated from City University, London with an MSc in Psychometrics in Organisations in 2006. Xiao is a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Psychometric Society. Her interest in Human Resource Management, particularly organisational assessment and selection, led her to focus on cross cultural personality research. This focus on cultural diversity is central to the Centre's work.

Her research was a collaboration between the University of Cambridge, Beijing University and the General Motors Company Ltd that assesses the applicability of a five factor model of personality in the Chinese workplace. This research looks at a multilingual version of a well know work-based personality test used in recruitment, and she has had a major role in translating and developing the Chinese version of this test, and also in establishing and standardising the Chinese norms. The project has given her insight into personality differences between cultures. She has also developed a comprehensive personnel file for over 300 supervisors and managers to assist General Motors to develop appropriate improved recruitment and selection standards.

During summer 2006 Shining was based in China and gave presentations on 'Psychology, Personality and Careers' to over 300 graduates in two universities. She also represented The Psychometrics Centre by presenting a training course on Personality Measurement in Occupational Settings at Beijing University in December 2007.

She translated and edited the 3rd edition of Modern Psychometric, published in China by RenMin University Press in 2009. This book provides major teaching material for psychometric certification training, and also for university courses in psychometrics and human resource management in China more generally. Her leisure interests include playing the piano and painting. She gained a Grade 10 Pianist Certificate in 1999 and has been a part-time piano tutor as well as taking part in many art exhibitions and musical events organised by Shenzhen City.