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Michal Kosinski is a computational social scientist and Assistant Professor in Organisational Behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. After completing his PhD in Cambridge in 2014 he moved to the Bay Area of San Francisco. While in Cambridge he was also a research consultant at Microsoft Research. He combines a social psychological background with extensive skills in the areas of Machine Learning, data mining, and programming. His research focuses on the digital environment and encompasses the relationship between digital footprint and psychological traits, crowd-sourcing platforms and auctioning platforms. Michal has published over 20 papers in the last 2 years in journals ranging from Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), World Wide Web Conference, (WWW), Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (JPSP), to Machine Learning Journal (MLJ). In the same period, he has delivered nearly 40 keynote speeches and lectures to audiences ranging from policy makers (EU Parliament), marketing executives (eCommerce: Futures), HR specialists and test publishers (ETPG). Prior to entering academia, Michal had a distinguished business career. He founded a successful ITC start-up and managed a team of 15 consultants and served as a brand manager for a major computer accessories brand introducing the first VoIP product line in Poland.


Key publications: 

Youyou, W., Schwartz, A., Stillwell, D., & Kosinski, M. (in press) Birds of a feather do flock together: behavior-based personality assessment method reveals personality similarity among couples and friends. Psychological Science.

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Assistant Professor in Organisational Psychology, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Not available for consultancy