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Kate Xu is Assistant Professor in the Department of Pedagogical Sciences at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and was an Associate of The Psychometrics Centre while previously at the University of Cambridge.  She is an applied statistician/epidemiologist, interested in methodological development of statistics applied in mental health, educational psychology, and ageing research. She works on time to event data from prospective population-based studies to identify how risk factors on the metabolic-cardiovascular pathway change with increasing age.

She also works on psychometric issues of behavioural measures in genetic association investigations, with focuses on development of reliable, robust phenotypes of cognition and mental health based on questionnaire and longitudinal cohort data, using latent variable techniques. 

She has a strong interest in empirical applications of latent variable methods. Specific types of modelling techniques I use in my research include: structural equation modelling, measurement invariance assessment, latent growth curve modelling, latent state-trait modelling, multilevel modelling and missing data imputation.

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Key publications: 

Nishida A, Xu KM, Croudace T, Jones PB, Barnett J, Richards M (2014) Adolescent Self-control Predicts Midlife Hallucinatory Experiences: 40-Year Follow-up of a National Birth Cohort. Schizophr Bulletin

Bonneville-Roussy, A., Rentfrow, P. J., Xu, M. K., Potter, J. (2013), “Music Through the Ages: Trends in Musical Attitudes and Preferences from Adolescence Through Middle Adulthood ” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

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Xu, M. K. (joint first author), Gaysina, D., Barnett, J. H., Wong, A., Croudace, T., Richards, M., & Jones. P. B. (2013), “The catechol-O-methyltransferase gene (COMT) and cognitive function from childhood through adolescence” Biological Psychology

Xu, M. K., Jones, P. B., Barnett, J. H., Gaysina, D., Kuh, D., Croudace, T. J., Richards, M (2013), “Adolescent mental health and memory in early and late midlife: prospective longitudinal evidence from the British 1946 birth cohort” Psychology and Aging

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