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Dr Kai Ruggeri is Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management at the Columbia University Medical Center. He was formerly Director of the Policy Research Group in the University of Cambridge Psychology Department, Research Associate in Health Policy at the Engineering Design Centre in the University of Cambridge, an Affiliated Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, and Research Associate at Darwin College. His research background is in psychometrics and econometrics across the academic, public and private sectors. His work focusses on effective metrics that can be applied in health systems, businesses or broader social contexts for policy development. Currently he leads studies looking at global health mobility as well as executive leadership and well-being. Additionally, he is directly engaged in health economic studies, primarily focused on effective policies for adopting new technologies. 

Kai is also Visiting Faculty in Microeconomics at the HEC Paris' Executive MBA in Doha, Qatar, as well as being Visiting Professor in Psychology and Policy at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. One of his primary volunteer functions is Director of Research for the Junior Researcher Programme for early career psychologists in Europe.

Since coming to Cambridge in 2011 Kai has held positions in the Department of Psychiatry and the Institute of Public Health as well as with RAND Europe. Previously he worked with various policy organisations in the Balkans and held a research position at the UNESCO Centre, Northern Ireland. His PhD, obtained at the Queen's University, Belfast, focused on why young psychologists struggle to learn statistics. He plays rugby for both the University and the CCK Colleges XV.


Key publications: 

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Ruggeri, K., & Wollner, P. (accepted). Transatlantic Health IT Policies: Are we missing opportunities for small businesses and health systems? Telemedicine and e-Health Journal.

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Macher, D., Pächter, M., Papousek, I., & Ruggeri, K. (2012). Statistics anxiety, trait anxiety, learning behavior, and academic performance. European Journal of Psychology of Education. 27(4), 483-498.

Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Policy & Management
Not available for consultancy