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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School


Annalyn Ng has a passion for psychological research that is complemented by her expertise in statistics. While completing her MPhil degree at the Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, she worked with the Centre’s clients to program cognitive tests for job recruitment, and to mine data for targeted advertising. After graduating, Annalyn joined the behavioural sciences team at Disney Research and collaborated on projects to examine the psychological profiles of consumers.

Annalyn currently works at Singapore’s Ministry of Defence, where she analyses predictors of soldier performance. Results from her work help to determine commander selections and military job postings for annual cohorts of ~15,000 conscripts.

In her free time, Annalyn participates in data mining and predictive analytics competitions, helping companies like Samsung and Yahoo! with their marketing strategies and recruitment decisions. The online crowdsourced analytics platform, CrowdANALYTIX, named Annalyn as one of their top data analysts.

Annalyn enjoys combining her statistical expertise with her commitment to educating others. She has conducted introductory courses for businesses and government agencies in Cambridge and Singapore, and maintains a blog on data analytics.

Visit and subscribe to Annalyn's blog: Annalyzin | Analytics for Laymen, with Tutorials & Experiments

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Not available for consultancy