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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

Letters we have received from our course delegates

"I had a wonderful experience at the two Summer Schools. I learned so much, and was so impressed by the expertise -- it was a special opportunity to learn from such renowned instructors.  I left feeling inspired to learn more about Item Response Theory and gain experience utilizing it in instrument development. Also, my room was great, I loved the food, and I made new friends from around the world, literally.  Frankly, I hadn't had this much fun in years!  K. Dayle Jones, Summer School Delegate

"(I liked the) good exchange of ideas with the rest of the students and the clarity of the trainer. I feel really confident and much more informed about psychometric testing."  Maria Efthymiou, BPS Level A/B delegate

"...very enjoyable - (a) great balance between theory and practice. Inspiring teaching!" Kate Marks, BPS Level B delegate

"...the teaching was of a high standard. I feel prepared to deliver ability tests..." Marlon Gray, BPS Level A delegate

" ... this one is the best so far. Too much prior knowledge was not assumed and I was particularly pleased with the opportunity to draw modules, write the simple programmes that emerge from these and try this out on the screen (with supervision). Many thanks for the effort and sensitivity invested."Research Methods delegate

"This was an absolutely excellent course ....  The lecturer was fantastic and the highly interactive nature of the workshop, together with the guided hands-on training was an excellent experience.  I am glad I got an opportunity to attend his workshop.". Research Methods delegate

"I really enjoyed both weeks and I learned a lot. I have been trying out some of the models since I got back, and I have managed to persuade my supervisors that I should include some IRT and DIF in my thesis! I would not have felt confident to do this without the good grounding that the summer school provided." 2010 Summer School delegate

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