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The Psychometrics Centre

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Services to Test Developers and Publishers

Creating reliable and valid assessments is increasingly expensive. It requires extremely specialised knowledge and different approaches for different markets. The Psychometrics Centre offers services to UK and international test publishers in all areas of assessment: educational, clinical and occupational.

Our test publishing clients have included Pearson Assessment, Hogrefe, ECPA, TalentLens, Multi Health Systems (MHS), and NFER Nelson as well as several smaller testing companies.

Services Offered

  • Test authorship from scratch:  The Centre can either take a detailed specification and create a test to meet it, or help in creating an appropriate solution to meet a particular unfilled market or portfolio need.
  • Test translation and adaptation: The Centre has huge experience in taking tests from English and non-English speaking countries and fully adapting them for both the UK and the international market.
  • Test restandardisation:  Tests need to be restandardised to keep up to date and continue to be relevant. The Centre has the experience and resources to carry out these large-scale, time-sensitive projects.
  • Moving tests onto electronic platforms:  Online testing facilities enable us to create and standardise electronic versions of tests quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Creating adaptive versions of tests: Our expertise in the mathematics and algorithms of Item Response Theory (IRT) enables us to develop adaptive online versions of tests quickly and inexpensively.

Why work with us?

  • Credibility. Respondents trust the Centre to collect and deal with sensitive personal information securely and ethically, greatly simplifying the data collection process for bespoke assessments. This means we can efficiently manage high quality, representative data at scale. 
  • Commercial awareness and experience. We understand tests and the testing business. Our consultancy experience ensures we come up with practical rather than ivory-tower, over-specified solutions.
  • Multidisciplinary excellence. We cover the full range of educational, clinical and occupational test markets and apply insights from one area to others.
  • Connections across the University. As part of the University of Cambridge, we have access to large-scale research resources and access to the knowledge and experience of psychometrics experts within the faculties of psychology, engineering, psychiatry, linguistics, education, medicine, and law as well as local enterprises and the Science Park.
  • An international network of collaborators. Our research efforts are multiplied through our links in industry and academia, including over 60 research teams worldwide who participate in the myPersonality project

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