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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

The Psychometrics Centre collaborated with Pearson Educational in the adaptation and standardisation of KeyMaths3 for the UK population. KeyMaths3 UK is designed to assess the understanding and application of critical math concepts and skills, from counting through algebraic expressions. It is a comprehensive, norm-referenced measure of essential mathematical concepts and skills. As with previous versions, it is untimed and individually administered. Revisions include new sub-tests aligned to the national maths curriculum and updated norms. The items are grouped into 10 sub-tests that represent three general math content areas:

  • Basic Concepts (conceptual knowledge),
  • Operations (computational skills),
  • Applications (problem solving),

KeyMaths3 UK is suitable for children and adults aged between 4 and 21 years.  The assessment includes two separate written computation sub-tests: Addition and Subtraction, and Multiplication and Division. Operations skills are fundamental for success in mathematics and are often the source of math learning difficulties. By providing separate measures of operational skills, the KeyMath 3 assessment is able to focus particular attention on this important area. Sub-tests are also included that assess the ability to apply conceptual knowledge and operational skills to the solution of math problems, and also the ability to identify optimal and/or nonstandard problem-solving strategies.

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