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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

The Psychometrics Centre carried out a validation of the Automated Working Memory Assessment (AWMA) for Pearson Clinical. AWMA is an assessment of working memory skills, with a user-friendly interface. This tool provides a practical and convenient way for teachers and psychologists to screen for significant working memory problems from childhood through to early adulthood. 

This innovative tool requires minimal training as the administration and scoring is fully automated. The testing sequence is pre-set, test scores are calculated by the computer program and an interpretation of how their working memory scores will affect their learning is provided.

Working memory abilities are closely associated with a wide range of measures of academic ability, including literacy and mathematics. The majority of those with recognised learning difficulties in these areas have working memory impairments.

Poor working memory skills in the early years of education are also effective predictors of poor scholastic attainments over the subsequent school years. Screening is the first and very important step in being able to provide the appropriate intervention for children.

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