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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

Commercial indexes of influence such as Peer Index, Klout, KRED are surging in popularity as big data and algorithms are put to work providing predictive analysis and business insight. At the intersection of the worlds of psychology and marketing, a new discipline is emerging that analyses behaviour and provides actionable insight for forward-looking marketers.

The Psychology of Online Influence session for Social Media Week in London brought together experts from business and research to discuss the multi-faceted area of influence online, from the design of websites which try to encourage purchases and engagement, and the irrational decision-making that requires A/B testing to understand, to the shape and size of indiviudals' social networks. David Stillwell, Research Associate at the Psychometrics Centre, discussed the Centre's research using the myPersonality dataset in the context of indicators of the number of Facebook friends that individuals have, as marked by the objects they like on Facebook.

A video of the session is available to watch online.

The session was sponsored by Google+ and Nokia. It was held at the Design Council.

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