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Who Likes What? LikeAudience gives psychodemographic profiles

last modified Oct 05, 2013 11:31 AM, a breakthrough research and marketing tool developed at The Psychometrics Centre, provides detailed psycho-demographic profiles of brands, products, ideas, and all the other things people like on Facebook. It is designed to help researchers and marketers to assess the personality (BIG5), IQ, satisfaction with life, relationship status, gender and age composition of Facebook Like audiences. The project has already received a very positive review.

LikeAudience is by no means finished. In the close future we plan to add:

  • Live statistics showing changes in audience profiles and 'hot likes' in previous days or hours
  • More users – we receive thousands of test results daily and have hundreds of thousands of archive results that will be incorporated into the system
  • A prediction tool that will estimate your personality given your likes

Stay tuned!

The screenshot below shows a psycho-demographic profile of those who Like Science: