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Concerto platform for the development of online adaptive tests

The Open-Source Online Adaptive Testing Platform

Now anyone can create online assessments, from simple surveys to sophisticated IRT-based computer-adaptive tests (CATs) with textual and graphical feedback. Concerto uses the powerful R statistical programming language, which you can use to do any calculations your test requires. Concerto is free for academic and commercial use. There are no set-up costs, no hidden licence fees and no limitations.

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  • Discover your Team Role: Perfectionist, Pragmatist, Mediator, Innovator or Motivator?
  • Assess your Quality of Life: This adaptive and predictive version of the World Health Organisation’s Quality of Life assessment, thanks to IRT, CAT and Concerto, is up to 75% shorter, has higher reliability and provides instant feedback. 
  • Play the Spatial Planning Game: Find the best path through the maze and discover your spatial planning ability 
  • And see how others are using Concerto

Concerto is free, but we are glad to help with:

  • The installation and maintenance of Concerto on your server
  • Managed hosting options for professional administration
  • Designing and running Concerto tests
  • Designing a test layout and customised templates
  • Analysing results and deriving IRT item parameters
  • Developing new test items
  • Participant recruitment and data collection
  • Training your staff to get the most out of Concerto. More info here

Our standard rates for psychometric and technical support with Concerto are £1500 per day + VAT. VAT rates will differ depending on your location and on whether you are an individual or business. Contact us for information.


  1. Workshops
  2. Legacy Concerto Versions 3 and 4 help files, tutorials and demos 
  3. Please report any issues here