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Srivigneshwar R Prasad UX/UI Software Developer


Vignesh obtained a Master's degree specializing in User Experience Engineering from the University of Dundee in 2012, prior to which he obtained a BSc in Information Technology at Pondicherry University, India. He holds a Scrum Master certificate from Scrum Alliance. Between 2009 sand 2011 he worked as a software test automation engineer for Wipro Technologies in India, where he proposed and assisted in the design of the automation framework for the downstream core applications for UBS bank. Before joining the Psychometrics Centre in 2014 he was User Experience Designer for in New Delhi. His software skills are myriad, including the Java, php, Ruby and Javascript languages on Google appengine, Rails, Vaadin, XMPP, GWT, Bootstrap, Jquery, mootools and scss frameworks. His hobbies include Gaming, Virtual 3D worlds, swimming, yoga and pencil drawing.

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