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Dr Vaishali Mahalingam Psychometrician


Dr Vaishali Mahalingam is psychometrician at The Psychometrics Centre. She completed her PhD at The Psychometrics Centre at Cambridge in 2016. Vaishali graduated in 2010 from the Women’s Christian College of the University of Madras with first class honours in Applied Psychology and with awards for her Master’s dissertation and all-round achievement.  She obtained an MPhil in Social and Developmental Psychology at the University of Cambridge in 2011.  She is currently reading for a PhD in Psychology at the University of Cambridge. Her research interests are divided between computer adaptive testing and discounting behaviour (impatience for rewards in the future). 

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Key Publications

Mahalingam, V., Stillwell, D., Kosinski, M., Rust, J. & Kogan, A. (2013) Who Can Wait for the Future? A Personality Perspective. Social Psychological and Personality Science published online 11 December 2013. DOI: 10.1177/ 1948550613515007
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