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Downloadable Videos from The Psychometrics Centre

The Psychometrics Centre at the University of Cambridge maintains an archive of video materials on its Wiki. These may be viewed or downloaded here free of charge.

John Rust and Tim Croudace on Psychometrics

What is Applied Psychometrics? A talk given at the 4th ESRC Festival of  Research Methods, Oxford, July 2010 

Bill Dickens and Jim Flynn on 'The Flynn Effect'

In 2001 the seminal paper by Dickens and Flynn 'Heritability estimates versus large environmental effects: the IQ paradox resolved.' was published in Psychological Review to an immediate outcry from the IQ testing establishment. Click on the links below to hear first hand  two important contributions to this debate from the key players.

Beyond the Flynn Effect (December 2006)

Professor James Flynn presents his ideas in person to an audience at Trinity College, Cambridge immediately prior to the publication of his book 'What is Intelligence' by Cambridge University Press.

What is "g"? (July 2009)

Professor William Dickens gives the opening keynote address to the 16th International Meeting of the Psychometrics Society held at St John's College, Cambridge.

The Psychometrics Centre Seminars

Personality of the Graph and Graph Personality Michal Kosinski of the Department of Social and Developmental Psychology at the University of Cambridge talks about World Wide Graph, personality, and large scale Factor Analyses.

Using R for Confirmatory Factor Analysis: Easier than it seems (May 2011) Arielle Bonneville Roussy of the Department of Social and Developmental Psychology at the University of Cambridge introduces how to use R for confirmatory factor analysis.

Computerized Adaptive Testing: The State of the Art (November 2010) Dr Philipp Doebler of the University of Munster describes the latest thinking on adaptivity in psychometric testing to an audience of psychologists.

Mind reading by Machine Learning (December 2010) Dr Máté Lengyel of the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge, explains why machine learning and modern psychometrics have much in common.