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PreferenceTool: Personality Insights and Targeting

PreferenceTool is an audience insights and personalisation dashboard designed for use by brands and agencies. The product of years of research and data collection, it uses well established personality theories and the largest database ever collected combining both individual preferences and personality. We have already gathered over 6 million detailed profiles and we add thousands every day. 


PreferenceTool allows you to:

  1. Increase your CTR. PreferenceTool helps you to find those who are most likely to buy your stuff or click on your advert.
  2. Increase your Conversion Rate - target the right people. It will help you to build target groups based on people's personality, IQ, happiness, and more. Aim your campaign at those who fit your consumer's profile. 
  3. Adjust your message. PreferenceTool allows you to split your target groups by personality, IQ, happiness, and more. Adjust your message to fit the receiver's profile.
  4. Learn about the people that connect with your brand or product. Check their psycho-demographic profile and use it to enhance your targeting and shape the message.
  5. Check out who connects with your competition. You can find out about others brands as well as your own.
  6. Expand your keyword lists. Use PreferenceTool to generate long lists of keywords, enabling you to reach the perfect audience.