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The Psychometrics Centre

Cambridge Judge Business School

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Development of bespoke tests for recruitment and staff development

The Psychometrics Centre has developed bespoke psychometric systems and associated software on behalf of recruitment and management consultancy organisations, which have enabled them to provide state-of-the-art assessment to their clients.

Bespoke tests have advantages over off-the-shelf tests in that they can be particularly tailored to the specific needs of an organisation, and can also be appropriately branded and given enhanced face validity by specifically using the language of that organisation

Our bespoke tests have been based on our large item bank of over 450 personality and ability test items. Products have included:

  • AP5, a computer based psychometric questionnaire for the recruitment of machine operators for David S Smith packaging that focuses on health and safety issues.
  • AP6, a psychometric test for the identification of potential underwriters for Scottish Amicable Insurance.
  • OODIM. A computer administered psychometric test for the identification of computer programmers suited to operating within an object oriented framework rather than with script languages, developed for the IT division of the National Westminster Bank.
  • AP12. A computer delivered psychometric assessment for the recruitment of Loss Adjusters to AGF Insurance, part of the French Insurance Company 'Assurances Générales de France'
  • Dynamic Risk Profiler, developed for Distribution Technologies Ltd as an assessment instrument for attitudes to financial risk.
  • the Centre for High Performance Development (CHPD) developed an assessment for High Perfoamance Behaviours as an integral part of their Management Consultancy programme.

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