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YouAreWhatYouLike is an application that links the myPersonality database to Facebook Likes, thereby making it able to predict your personality simply by logging into your Facebook account. It is currently being upgraded, however you can also obtain the same information from another of our applications, Apply Magic Sauce.

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How does it work? People of personalities like different things. For instance, people who like are on average liberal, while those who like NASCAR are rather traditional. We check what is the average personality profile of someone who follows any of the hundreds of thousands of likes they store in their database.

In order to estimate your score, we first record your likes. Then we check what is the typical personality of the people who like each of the things that you like. Based on that, we estimate your profile by adding up the profiles of your likes. If most of the things you like are liked by liberal people (e.g. Quentin Tarantino) - it is quite likely that you are also liberal. Obviously, your likes might not reflect your personality correctly and thus your score can be wrong! Remember - no test is 100% accurate.