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Wikirate: Crowd-sourcing better companies

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Wikirate is an international collaborative project funded by the European Union under their 7th Framework Programme. It aims to develop Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by becoming the ‘go-to’ place for information on companies’ social and environmental practices. By allowing consumers and stakeholders such as policymakers or the media to be better informed the project will provide companies with additional incentive to act sustainably.

Topics covered will include but not be limited to sustainability, climate change and ethical behaviour more generally. By drawing the attention of investors and consumers alike, companies will be motivated to change their behaviours, providing significant incentive for them to follow sustainable societal, environmental and economic methods.

The website will be based on an open-source software platform called “Wagn”, and any improvements to the platform will be freely available. Further, we will offer an open data infrastructure by supporting an application programming interface (API) that allows anyone to access the website’s data.