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The Psychometrics Centre

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VisualDNA: big data technology with psychometric science

VisualDNA combines big data technology with psychometric science, delivered with visual flair. Using tried and tested psychometric approaches, including the ‘Big Five’ model of personality favoured by many organisations as the basis of corporate recruitment and professional development schemes, they aim to identify the emotional drivers that influence how we behave.

The Psychometrics Centre provided VisualDNA with consultancy, original research, data and models in joint pursuit of some of the most pressing issues in the application of psychology to the on-line consumer environment. VisualDNA applied our APIs in the build of new user-facing web applications such as the Youniverse platform.

The Centre's psychometric expertise was also called upon in a number of other areas, such as the investigation of the interaction between emotion and personality or in identifying personality preferences for differing communication styles.